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July 17, 2011

To Be King

To be King

Director: Steve Rahaman
2011, Trinidad+Tobago / USA
Narrative feature 112 minutes / 14+


To Be King is the story of Tyrone King, the down-and-out son of a professional boxer. After he loses his family, Tyrone crosses paths with the man who trained his father, and led him to his death in the underground fighting world. Tyrone finds faith in himself to stand up, fall in love and, against all odds, become a champion.

About the director


Steve Rahaman was born in Trinidad, spent his early childhood in Brooklyn, and now resides in Queens, NY. In 2005 he made the decision to spend his tax return money on a video camera and has been making films since. His filmography includes the mafia series Blood Line and the award-winning Christmas Day, as well as several of short films.



Wed 21 Sept 4.30pm + Tue 04 Oct 2.00pm, MovieTowne
Wed 28 Sept 7.00pm, Mayaro Resource Centre

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  1. Very excited, I can’t wait to come home to beautiful T&T.

  2. When i first heard the idea 2 years ago for “To Be King” i was thrilled. Being a part of this film was exciting. It was a new thing for me 2 be on set and watch the magic happen. Yes the movie took some time to film but Rome wasn’t built in a day, you get my drift. Fine wine takes time to mature. To Be King matured in so many ways. As each day passed i saw progression. I saw how Falling Leaves matured as a film makers, Directors, Producers, writers, actors and casting. This project is the best to come out of the SR Studios. Yes i am biased because i am the producer. But i am fan of the art form first. Without question To Be King delivers an exciting blow to all who watch. If you have had the chance to follow Falling Leaves Films you will definitely see their game elevate. You will not be disappointed.
    Hollywood Sha’bliz
    Brookyn, NY
    Starrett City Boxing Club

  3. Kamel Goffin

    This film is more than entertainment. It could be used as an eye opener for the young man caught up in the everyday struggles of life. To let them know if they worked hard enough they can make something of themselves. It was a blessing to be apart of this film and work with all the talented people involved. You are in for a real treat.

  4. Tonight, August 9th 2011, To Be King opens at the Long Island Film Festival in New York. It’s the films official Domestic Premiere. So proud to be part of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival and honored to have the film make it’s official international debut in my home country.

    See you at the show.

  5. Yes, it has been said that TO BE KING is more than just a “boxing film.” And I’m not just saying that because I’m in the cast, I’m saying it because it’s true. There are universal themes throught the movie that will speak to a varity of individuals, from every walk of life, no matter the circumstance and or background. At the end, you will walk away feeing determined, motivated…inspired. There is talent all around & you will not only see, but you will feel the “magic.” Enjoy!

  6. Ski Smith

    TO BE KING is one of the best movies to be created by Falling Leaves company. I have seen other movies created by this company and you can see the growth in everything from director to script. I have seen the actors develop on multiple levels, you can see their maturity, the passion in their eyes and best of all their determination as an entire group. This movie is not just about boxing or the average plight of the “urban” community but it is about overcoming a multitude of hurdles life deals you. While watching the movie it connected with me in many ways, you will literally feel this movie in your bones. You can view life as a fight that must be won b/c everything is on the line. The movie is a riveting depiction of real life and its true struggles. TO BE KING will have you glued to the screen every minute of it and loving it, you will not be disappointed!! Great job guys!!

  7. Debbie Ann

    I took my teenage son to the advanced private screening of “To Be King”, and we both loved, loved it!!! There was a little bit of everything in this movie, drama, action, comedy…. He laughed, I cried and we both could not help but sit at the edge of our seat and wonder what’s going to happen next. It was a good experience for him to see how easy one could be influenced and the consequences for such actions. This is a great movie for everyone, teaches you to believe in yourself, no matter if you’re young or old, we all have a little bit of magic inside of us that only we ourselves could bring to life.

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