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GOUDOUGOUDOU is the name Haitians invented for the 2010 earthquake. For those who made it through, the notion of ‘being alive’ was superseded by that of ‘being survivors’. This film explores how people, in the aftermath of tragedy, grieve, struggle to regain a semblance of normality and aspire to new dreams.

About the directors


Pieter Van Eecke arrived in Haiti in 2006 and began working with the local communications agency Alterpresse. In 2008 Van Eecke helped to set up an audiovisual studio for Alterpresse, and has since released two documentaries that have been on the film festival circuit.

In 2004 Fabrizio Scapin founded an audiovisual training project for young people in a underprivileged inner-city area of Paris. In 2007 he went to Port au Prince, Haiti, to train the journalists from Alterpresse in camera and editing.




Screening Times

Sun 23 Sept, 5.30pm, MovieTowne POS
Mon 01 Oct, 3.30pm, MovieTowne POS