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AT LONG LAST the story of the Haitian Revolution is given the cinematic treatment in this fittingly two-part epic drama, starring celebrated Haitian actor Jimmy Jean-Louis as Toussaint L’Ouverture. The film tells the story of the man who led the greatest — and only successful — slave revolt in history, from his life as a coachman on the Breda plantation to his final days, imprisoned by Napoleon Bonaparte in a tiny cell in the icy Jura mountains of France.

In association with the Alliance Française.

About the director


Philippe Niang has directed numerous documentaries, which led him to Africa, the Pacific and the United States. Alongside his activities as a screenwriter and director, he teaches screenwriting at the European Conservatory of Writing in France. He is a director and screenwriter for television.




Screening Times

Fri 21 Sept, 10.00am, Pt 1; 11.30am, Pt 2, UWI, Institute of Critical Thinking
Wed 26 Sept, 7.00pm, Pt 1, Alliance Francaise
Thur 27 Sept, 7.00pm, Pt 2, Alliance Francaise, Q&A
Sat 29 Sept, 1.00pm, Pt 1; 3.30pm, Pt 2, Q&A, MovieTowne POS